Dominic Massari Park, South Side


“‘The time is approaching when we won’t worship the Father on a mountain, in the temple, [or in a church building]. The time has come for true worshipers to worship the Father in Spirit and in truth’ (John 4:21, 23). For us, I believe that time is now. Worship has to do with our devotion to Jesus, not the place we gather, whether in Jerusalem, Samaria, Palmdale, or wherever.” 

A Place for All to Gather

Palmdale Church is a multigenerational, multiethnic Christian community devoted to following Jesus and sharing Jesus’ love with our communities in Palmdale and in the Antelope Valley. 

Come and join us! Experience what true devotion to Jesus and the Kingdom of God is doing in our city. Palmdale Church gathers for pop-up church services in  public locations on Sunday mornings. 


Enjoy, learn, and be edified by the teaching of God’s Word through Palmdale Church teaching, media, and sermons.

Connect at Palmdale Church

Following Jesus is a lifestyle.

Connect at Palmdale Church by faithfully participating in worship gatherings, small group or student ministries, and service to Jesus in his church.
We encourage deeper engagement with Jesus, the scriptures, other followers of Jesus, and engagement with our community.
Palmdale Church kids ministries seeks to equip a future generation of followers of Jesus to be truth seekers and community changers.  
Palmdale Church's Next Gen student ministry serves Jr. High and High School teens by teaching the scriptures age-appropriately and providing safe and fun fellowship opportunities.


Get involved in serving in Palmdale Church worship gatherings, or being involved in various community events. Please speak to an elder or ministry leader about getting involved.

About Palmdale Church

Pop-up Church

What is pop-up church?
You've probably heard of pop-up restaurants or pop-up stores. But, pop-up churches? Pop-up churches are temporary locations for worship in East Palmdale. Services are held outdoors so please dress appropriate for the weather.


What to expect at Palmdale Church
Palmdale Church meets outdoors in East Palmdale's local parks. Please consider bringing your own chairs and setting up where you are comfortable. We have some chairs to borrow as well.  Worship slides are available on our media page. These are important for participation in the liturgy. Be sure to visit our What to Expect page to familiarize yourself with our liturgy.

We Believe

2000 Baptist Faith and Message
Palmdale Church has adopted the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention as our statement of faith. A shortened version of the statement is affirmed by all church members. Please contact us if you have any questions about our beliefs or doctrinal distinctives.


East Palmdale Worship Gatherings
Palmdale Church gathers for worship at Dominic Massari Park in East Palmdale. We also own property on the South-East corner of Avenue R-8 and 60th St. East where we are currently developing a church property. Please visit our location page for directions or contact us for more information.

Contact Palmdale Church

Phone: 661-349-8649

Email: Office@Palmdale.Church

Mailing Address
38045 47th St. East
Suite E #510
Palmdale, CA 93552