Connect at Palmdale Church

Following Jesus is a lifestyle.

Connect at Palmdale church by faithfully participating in worship gatherings, small group or student ministries, and service to Jesus in his church.

With this app you can: participate and follow along with our Worship Gatherings, message with other church members, listen to and share past messages, and receive important reminders.

We encourage deeper engagement with Jesus, the scriptures, other followers of Jesus, and engagement with our community. 
Palmdale Church kids ministries seeks to equip a future generation of followers of Jesus to be truth seekers and community changers.  
Palmdale Church's Next Gen student ministry serves Jr. High and High School teens by teaching the scriptures age-appropriately and providing safe and fun fellowship opportunities.


Get involved in serving in Palmdale Church worship gatherings, or being involved in various community events. Please speak to an elder or ministry leader about getting involved.